New Supermoon in Scorpio, 15th of November 2020
Twinflame report


This insanely deep, emotional energy invites us to look at ourselves from the other side.  Namely;  from within.
What does our Ego want?  And which shadows present themselves?

Currently we are energetically dealing with 2 stelliums.  That is, 2 x 3 (or more) planets in the same sign in the known planets.  A person born today would have both a Scorpio and a Capricorn stellium.  This means that there is a lot of influence from both constellations.

And so it also applies to this energy.  The supermoon increases the Scorpio’s abilities.  Both the Sun, the Moon and Mercury are in Scorpio.
And Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are in Capricorn.

Things are going strong in the atmosphere and in our heads too.  The ego makes us see, experience and feel all kinds of things and self-control is difficult at the moment.  The ego is loud and wants to be heard.  Wants to be seen and heard.

There is stubbornness and a lot of miscommunication, partly because of the overwhelming needy egos.

The Scorpio is not really a star at communication.  A moon always reflects the dark sides of a constellation and that brings this collective out, so tangible for everyone.

It seems like we are determined to misunderstand each other right now.
One ego wants this, the other wants that and all needs differ from each other and so it becomes 1 big soup, 1 big mash in which no one seems to really understand each other.

There is also no room to understand each other.
After all, it is not the intention at all to understand each other at the moment.  The work that has to be done is on the inside.  It’s in you.
You are allowed to work with the triggers that you are now presented with.  You can start working with the shadow pieces and the deep soul pains and trauma pieces that present themselves.

There is a very deep emotional purge taking place that feels like a dark night of the soul.  It just passes a little faster, but a lot can come loose here.
For example, you may have been feeling very nauseous for a week with the feeling of vomiting, poor food, little appetite, sleeping problems and very bad dreams that confuse you.

Through our dreams but also through flashbacks we can deal with pieces from the past.  It is possible that you now look at certain things very differently, but it is also possible that a deep anger comes up about things from the past, that have been done to you or that you have done to yourself.  But this can also express itself in sadness, deep emotions.  Crying a lot.  Depression-like feelings, sadness.

All these feelings present themselves for a reason.  We now have the time to transform it.  To expose it.  To “get rid” of this pain, this stored ballast.

Child pains present themselves.  Inner Child Pieces.  The inner girl or boy wants to be seen, heard and felt and it can be screaming or chaotic.

This moon is about letting go.  And also the great letting go.
You can let go of something that has had a major impact on you for a long time.  Something that has been stopping you for a long time not to live your best life or not to pursue the adventures you want to chase so badly.
There is something that prevents you from spreading your wings and that may be transformed.  Just let go … let go and see what happens …


Things are going very hard right now between soul lovers and twins.
There is a lot of miscommunication and there are needy egos or very indifferent egos that flee into bullshit behavior again because it got too close.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio has created a certain impulsivity that caused many Soul Lovers to reconnect but also to a very deep soul level.  With Mercury Retrograde over, the air seems to have cooled.  As if the magical energy has disappeared for a while.  Equally far to find.

Now everything is fully in the light.  What can be seen?  What is all about?  Which mirrors do we get to see?  And in which mirror do we dare not look ourselves?  Which mirror do we show to the other?
Which shadow pieces?  What needs?  What is it what you want?

One soul half wants to connect and the other soul half, often the one who carries the masculine energy, wants to flee.  In work, in nonsense, in addiction, in old familiar patterns.  A karmic relationship.  The holidays are also coming.  So fleeing in obligations is the easy way.  And so they opt for old familiar circles and patterns.

BUT! … The Divine Feminine does not take it anymore.  She has walked this circle all too often and seen these patterns all too often.  So limits are now being set.  Her self-love / self-love has risen.
You would think;  “The love between Twins / Soul Lovers is unconditional, isn’t it?”.  That’s true.  But it cannot be taken for granted.  And there must be limits.  After all, the fleeing soul half is boundless, flounces and ensures that you always lose connection or cannot cope with the connection.

What the other does also affects you and it is precisely in this energy that you can feel a lot about each other.  You may feel nauseous because you know and feel that your Twin is engaged in strange things (overeating, alcohol, drugs, but he / she may also be very concerned at the moment).  Telepathically it is possible to feel everything about each other and it is difficult to distinguish what is from whom.

There is a lot of arguing at the moment.  There seems to be no room for connection.
We may look for the depth, the connection with ourSelf.  This is the key to transformation at the moment.  Trust the uncertainty and the “not knowing” (where you stand) for a while.

Even though a lot of ugly words are said to each other, please remember that this doesn’t have to be the end.  It can also represent a new beginning.  A different way of interacting with each other.  The old ceases to exist.

And besides that, we all have our shadow pieces to process so talking about it afterwards could be very useful / helpful.


Narcissists and toxic persons go very badly on this energy and focus outwardly.  However, at the moment there is a magnifying glass on everything and everything is in full light so everything is seen and registered and so it may be that a certain person no longer gets away with his behavior.  The masks fall off forever.  The pimple may be squeezed and removed.  The game is over.  The wounds are allowed to heal.

Narcissists are also just people who get stuck in their child pieces / child pains.  Who are very attached to their shadows and trauma.
They refuse to look in the mirror, yet they are currently very much in contradiction with the Self.  There will be a lot of arguing.  A lot of frustration and things can also die, deliberately destroyed, consciously wanting to take revenge.  Deliberately creating misery.  Above all, not to have to feel, to have to grow and move along.

Our shadows, triggers and arguments are very much the mirror of shortage and rejection.  As a result of which we look at what is not there and what is wrong.

But at the same time, because of enormous duality, there is also an enormous gratitude for everything that is there.  Who is okay, who you can rely on and trust.  That which is good and goes well.

As a result, certain bonds are intensifying right now at this time.
But at the same time there are also bands that filter themselves out, in which the toxic mirror / projection has surfaced too often and where no depth can be found anymore.

Cherish the people you can rely on.  And don’t take the people in your life for granted.  Show more your appreciation for what IS and what you have and don’t focus on what you don’t want and don’t have.

Karma is moving at lightning speed right now.  There is nothing bad that has passed unseen.  You can’t get away with weak lies and jerks anymore.  With bullshit stories and repeating circles and comfort zone behavior.

You only get away with taking responsibility for your “mistakes”.  Taking responsibility for the energy that you have put into the world.
Taking full responsibility for the life you have chosen.
If you think you can run or get away with something then karma will be merciless.

We will fully see the results of this in the next one and a half to two months, both around us and in society.

And also crazy manifestations for those who live purely, who live with pure intents, from their heart, who help people.  Who bring people further and help them grow.  They are currently being richly rewarded, and the wealth and abundance seems infinite.  The Universe has so much abundance for those who are grateful and eager to share.

It is time to receive.

And there is always a time to turn the tide.  If you are not happy with the results you are seeing in life now.  Nothing is permanent.  Everything is constantly moving and changing.  You just have to choose another path that suits you better or is purer.

I want to wish you a very beautiful new moon.
Get the crystals and the “moon water” ready to recharge.  This intense moon requires a beautiful (letting go) ritual and to be intensely taken to you.

Allow everything.  Let all the feelings be there.  Enjoy marinating in whatever wants to present itself to you.  Write it off nicely.  Cry, sing, dance.  Do what you feel you should do.  No holding back.

And don’t forget, there is so much love for you <3 The Universe has infinite love for you.

If you recognize yourself in this journal, please leave a comment.

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