Wow! My PM is full of messages, what is going on in the energetic field and in the field of twin souls? The schumann resonance is currently popping through the ceiling again, so we suffer from all kinds of ascension complaints. Headache, abrasion in the head (around the 3rd eye) a high ringing in the ear, pains & discomfort in the body, problems with sleeping, being irritated / frustrated, restless children and animals, little patience, high peaks and troughs, quickly overstimulated are sitting on the couch, pounding on the couch, dizziness / fainting, shooting up and down emotionally, flying up against walls.

You can notice that something is in the air. You notice it on yourself, on the people around you, short fuses. Little patience and easily over-stimulated. Wanting to have everything done in a short time can make you exhausted. You get  drained by everything super fast, by conversations, or formal things that need to be arranged. It is all very tiring. On the half of the day you can be dead tired or completely demolished in the evening.
You will need more sleep and even if you have things to do, your body will force you to. Otherwise the headache will cause forced rest. The chance that you will be in your bed a few times earlier this week is high.

From last week you may have already had to deal with personal attacks via social media or  in real life. Nasty comments. Be waived or laughed at. Discussions are now easy and everyone thinks about each other. Nasty plans can be forged. To be conspired to get them right, but also to do very nasty things to others.
I am talking about reptile energy because there are people who feed on this, who enjoy things like this.
Be a little wary, especially with what you tell in this energy and to whom. Some come into this energy to hear you / get information from you and then use it against you or abuse you.

We are really shooting in all directions. You can feel blissfully happy on one day and you can also get grumpy or furious. Everything is there and everything can be there.
The high schumann resonance + increased air pressure do not make it very easy for us.
There are many people who do not resonate well at such a high energy. They are very much into judging, complaining and whining and are also more tired and have more complaints and some will also see it very gloomy this week. Perhaps they think they are sliding back into depression or old behavior. Easier use of means to suppress these feelings. 

The peaks are not only felt in the energy itself but also in yourself. You can experience very productive energy peaks. It flows nicely at those moments. There is a lot of room for creativity and insights.
For people who thrive on this energy, it applies that they can get many downloads. Use what you get. You can also get a lot of information through your dreams. Write down what you have remembered and write down what you get. Sometimes you do not have a clear vision of what to do with it and the logic comes later.

It is a good time to restore connections with old acquaintances, people who are or were of great importance to you. Which you may no longer speak due to coincidence or because the contact is watered down. It is about trusted contacts, friendly or with family.
It is also possible that during this time you think a lot about people who have been important to you.
A good time to send a message to someone who has not heard from you for a long time, to send a sweet card or perhaps to pay a visit?

New moon in Aquarius can be maddening. Do not take yourself too seriously in this time. When your own thoughts drive you crazy, look at the neediness behind it. And whether it is all rational (what you think is right), or that your mind is not just taking a walk with you.
A lot of grief can come loose. Something you had pent up for a long time. Grief can occur. The loss of a deceased loved one can be strongly present at the moment.
Or suddenly the grief of something that meant a lot to you for a long time, this can be an animal, a situation. Work. Or just a certain realization.
Feelings of regret and guilt, shame, lability, anger and frustration are all very normal now so try not to be too hard on yourself and be kind to yourself.
Cry everything out if you need to. It cleanses your system. 


It is especially difficult at the moment between beloved ones such as Twinflames.
A great separation / disconnection has taken place and for some, their twin has completely disappeared or stopped / fled. 1 of the 2 twins of the connection remains left in shock and the other tries very hard to be able to leave this connection behind.
This can be very tough for the remaining twin. It feels like amputation.

It goes several ways in Twinsoul dynamics. The Divine Feminine is still angry and expects MORE from the Masculine, and has withdrawn and is working on herself and her own energy. She realizes that the broken Masculine demands too much of her energy. Several devine Feminine’s have become very furious at their counterparts.  Some remain silent, after all, enough has been explained already, enough chances have been given, and time and again the other has proved that he didn’t really care of her feelings and did what he wanted anyway.

As a result, she is now completely done with it. No more bullshit! There are also Twin-dynamics in which the contact was becoming very familiar, but knots had to be made. In December it seemed as if the soul half in relation was willing to do what was needed, but now it is mainly in a cowardly / fleeing energy.

It is not easy. Both the one who runs and the one who flees are in pain and will constantly think of his / her soul. It is especially important to not go after each other.
The high energy demands a lot from us and we, ourselves, still have a lot of work to do. Things like this also evoke many triggers in our ego. Pieces are exposed and touched which we can take a look at. No matter how bad, this is necessary. The separation is also necessary.

Do not expect too much from each other in this energy. Some Twins who have not heard from each other for a while can now slowly come back into contact. You will notice that the contact changes and the masculine becomes more cautious in approach and perhaps more respectful. Twins that have been talking to each other all the time can now get an easier contact. They want to know from each other where they stand, whether they can build on and trust each other. Can I go to you if I have a hard time and are you there for me in the way I need?

Old lovers still pop in people’s PMs and also by app, text or email. This does not necessarily mean something, but can also be a test. Start feeling well whether something is old or new energy. The energy varies a lot and our need also changes every day. Try to check carefully whether missing your Twinsoul at certain moments is not simply a need, that you would prefer to have an arm around you, and thereby also create a weak moment precisely while this seperation is so important at this time. In order to not fall back into old behavior and to set a new standard for yourself, you will really have to feel better at this and set your limits and healthy boundaries this time. Even if your Twinsoul reaches out to you. Try to look further and deeper than what your ego tells you.
Happy feelings, crying of joy or pride, intense gratitude and love for yourself. This can happen to you in this energy. Be proud of yourself. What you have achieved or what you do in daily life. Proud of your gifts and you can be busy integrating them. Developing yourself in a certain area, through a course or self-study, by delving into specific matter. It can happen that you suddenly discover or develop certain gifts this year. Something you might have hoped for years can suddenly happen. 

The high schumann resonance is something wonderful. It works on our DNA and our brain waves and sets a lot in motion if you can have this energy properly. In order to guide yourself and let the energy flow properly, it is important to drink plenty of water. You can sweat more with this energy. And keep yourself well grounded. Take a shower or bath more often. Massage your feet, calves / shins to get into your body.
You may notice from these activations that your thoughts change a lot about how you first thought about things. Some things no longer touch you, which previously occupied you. You can remove people who no longer suit you or get removed from people who were previously very important to you. You see through certain patterns. But you have also left certain behavior behind you.

You can feel very floating at times. With your head somewhere else. Daydreaming or just enjoying the high energy. Or make beautiful plans.
It gives a bit of a crush on love. Happy! 

The difference between 3D and 5D is getting bigger and bigger. This year we are dealing with wave after wave. Everything will be purified and everything that does not suit you will be filtered out of your life. It goes very naturally. Here and there unfortunately with a sad ending for example in the field of relationships or Twin souls.
But it is as if you no longer speak each other’s language. Certain conversations completely miss each other. Apps, pm’s, mails, all sorts of communication. And can therefore be forgotten fairly quickly.
You are literally and figuratively on a different frequency. The people in 3D are now very much stuck in what is going on in the news. For some people this controls their day.

It is especially important to keep an eye on your energy balance this week. Because are you going to make an effort to lower your frequency in order to understand these people or to communicate (force them) then you will be completely drained / exhausted in no time. 

This energy also affects animals and children.
Children can be more dependent / dizzy at the moment. The high energy demands a lot from their little bodies. They can be more miserable than normal or very angry and stubborn. Have tantrums.
Animals can be restless and require a lot of attention. Being snarling or pulling each other out and can be very stubborn also. Or do nasty things. This also applies to children. They are also stimulated faster than normal.

There is a lot going on in the world at the moment. Forest fires in Australia, now a violent outbreak of a contagious deadly disease in China. Hailstones the size of golf balls in Australia, snow in Spain and all kind of big things goind on in the World and in Nature.
No matter how bad and how involved you may feel, this is at the expense of your energy, especially at the moment, which you can use much better. It is important to keep your frequency as high as possible so that the high energy can conduct easily. Otherwise you run the risk of falling back (in development or in your process). You don’t want to be delayed and you don’t want to exhaust yourself or make yourself sick.

So take good care of yourself. Get good nutrition and take good care of your body.
Meditations and Healing frequencies (solfeggio on YouTube, above 600 Hz) help you enormously in this energetically quite difficult time. Try to avoid triggers / tests. Don’t go on someone else’s low energy. Try to feel what old and new energy is.

Look at what suits your soul and go for it. Even if that means that you will be completely on your own at times. Then it’s said so. Sometimes it is on your own or with few people, better than with all energy-absorbing people or people who constantly want something FROM  you. It is time to focus on yourself. This energy forces you to handle your energy with care. It’s just like with money, you can only spend it once and then you’re broke. If you spend your energy wrong this week, then you will be exhausted or if you do not create enough charging moments for yourself. So try adding this extra.
Keep in mind that at some moments you get more done and some moments nothing at all. Then it is ready. Did you enjoy reading this update and did you recognize it?

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I wish you a nice week.

Thank you for your precious time reading this.

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